Zanoura E-Commerce Company, a Company registered in Qatar and promoting local/international products and services.Zanoura is an Online Shopping Marketplace for Multi Vendors and follows the guidelines provided by MOCT-Qatar and it stands for ‘Online Trading’ and ‘Marketing Activities’ through our Multi-channel selling platform (Web, Mobile Apps). 

Our Inspiration, the Internet is an amazing tool. It has the power to change the way we live, and we're ( starting to see that potential. With only a few mouse clicks, we can follow the updates, look up facts, buy goods and services.

Our vision is to be Qatar’s most customer-centric online shopping portal, to build an online marketplace where people can meet their requirements

Our Mission is to be a permanent service provider in your busy life and stay prominent by offering our quality products & services.

Our Motto, When the product/service is right, doesn't have to be a great marketer for success.

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| E-mail:  | Tel:  Mobile/WhatsApp: +974 50033231